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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this service was created?
To summarise, this webpage is a part of our social responsibility efforts.

Why is it good to filter the news? Doesn't it distort reality?
Distorting reality would be the opposite of what we want. Nowadays, reading a news portal, especially on a mobile phone, consists largely of reading headlines, filtering out uninteresting articles and scrolling through many, many pages. Every reader filters the news now too, just in their head, running a lot of garbage through their brain, just scrolling and scrolling through the pages. Plus, typically in the evening, before bed... or after a good lunch at work. How much news is there that it would be better not to run into? "Explosion..", "Kidnapping..", "The superstar went shopping...", "You won't believe..", etc... We don't think you'll miss anything important if you don't read shocking, sensationalist, clickbait news, or anything about the changing rules of the road in the village on the other side of the world or tabloid news with zero useful information. The website, as a special RSS news reader, is designed to enable you to do just that. In fact, instead of redundant content, we want to provide more news that is interesting for you, that broadens your view and makes your information more complete, even in several languages at the same time! After all, why read news in just one language when more and more of us speak a language other than our mother tongue? Daily news in a foreign language can even help you learn a language. But we can also think of people living far from home, working far from their families, for whom information in several languages and from several sources is an essential part of everyday life.

But there are several news readers from Google, Microsoft and similar big companies. Those services can learn what I'm interested in.
Have they really learned? We also tried them. None of them were really right for us. We would like to continue to leave the filtering in the hands of the reader, although we are also planning to introduce self-learning for the preferred keywords.

I set it to show mostly good news, but almost nothing changed.
Setting a filter to any end position does not mean total filtering. Unfortunately, the result would be a blank page very quickly. Therefore, the filters will only allow more or less of something, but not totally filter out them. We think that would really distort the reality finally, which we don't want. With the exception of the feminine/masculine filter, all filters pass the least amount of content in the leftmost position, and all of it in the rightmost position. (If you want the reader to never see anything about something or someone, we recommend adding that to Banned keywords.)
It is also important to note that not all filters work for all topics. The Politics filter is obviously ineffective in the Tech and IT topics. We have tried to indicate which filters work in which topics by the colour of the filters and the background of the topics.
Finally, as clever as our system is, we do not always have enough usable data from a news or news source to be able to perform the appropriate classification (e.g. determining the territorial location is often a problem).

I understand the Banned keywords, but what are the Preferred keywords for?
It is indeed a bit different from the other functions, as it does not filter the content, but rearranges it. Any news that contains any of your favourite keywords will be moved to the top of the page. If there are several of these news items, the ones that are listed first will also be sorted chronologically backwards, while below them the other news items will start again chronologically backwards from the time the page was downloaded.

I had filtered something out, but opening the article revealed that was something I didn't want.
News is copyrighted in the same way as any written work. So we cannot use the full news. Mostly the title and a short introduction only, but this varies from country to country and news source to news source.
Our tip: If this occurs regularly with a news source, the name of the news source can also be added to the list of prohibited keywords!

What determines whether a news source has pictures or not? Sometimes there is an introduction, sometimes just a title?
This is partly due to the limited data offered by a given news source, and partly due to different copyright policies in different countries.

How is it different from a well-configured, customised RSS news reader application?
Under the hood there is no difference. However, the unique filtering functions make it much easier and faster for the average user to get the right content.

How can I save my settings and use the same filters on multiple devices?
What's that strange code-saving feature at the bottom of the page?
This is an experiment. We would like to ensure that you can save your settings and use them on multiple devices at the same time, but without registration (and another password to remember). We could not find a simpler solution than generating a random code that can be saved and opened as part of a simple link, or even copied manually. But we are open to any new proposal that does not require the recording of any personal data.

Terms of Use

1. The website is a completely non-profit, ad-free, pre-configured RSS news reader service developed and operated by individuals.

2. All visitors can use the website's functions free of charge without registration.

3. The content on the site is a collection of news published by other news sites, compiled automatically without human intervention. Accordingly, the website is an intermediary service. As an intermediary, we do not control the news that appears on the site and we cannot be held responsible for its content.

4. We do our best to respect local and European copyright laws and guidelines, which is why we clearly indicate the source of all content, and only provide brief excerpts of the content (title, introduction, at most one cropped and resized image), the full content can only be found at the source. The owners or licensors of the text and/or image content displayed on this website are the operators of the websites displaying the full content!

5. Due to the nature of the categorisation and filtering of individual articles, which is partly based on machine learning methods, we are unable to make changes in that.

6. The site is currently operating on an experimental basis, we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of the site or the unchanged functionality.

Privacy Policy

1. Neither website nor the mobile applications (CorssWordling, eNewsFilter - Good news, Learn language with flashcards) do not record any personal data.

2. To remember the history and perferences a random code is generated and stored temporarily on the user's device, which is necessary for the functioning of the website and mobile apps. By visiting the site or using the mobile apps the user agrees to its use.

3. The use of the unique random code mentioned in point 2 (save, store, keep secret, discard or reuse) is the responsibility and free choice of the user. Codes and the associated settings will be automatically deleted upon request or after 45 days of non-use.


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